What you need to know?

One of the best things about insurance is that it helps you plan for the unexpected. In this context, DBA insurance is one policy that takes care of unforeseen circumstances.

This policy is also known as the Defense Base Act insurance. It is a federal law that requires all American contractors and subcontractors to insure employees working outside the United States.

The relevant statutes include the Defense Base Act, 42 1651-54 and the Longshore and Harbor Workers› Compensation Act, 33 901-5.

Employees working with US government agencies outside the US. These include people employed in public works, national defense or war.

Employees working for American companies that provide welfare services outside the United States for the benefit of the Armed Forces.

Employees working outside the United States on contracts funded by the American government under the Foreign Assistance Act. This includes employees working for agencies or companies that provide military equipment, cash, materials and services to allies of the United States outside the


Who is Covered?

This act covers people in the categories below:

Employees working for US military bases outside the United States.

Employees working outside the US on lands used for military purposes. These include US territories and possessions ocated outside the United Stat es.

Benefits under the Defense Base Act

This Act provides medical, disability and death benefits to covered employees who are injured or die in the course of employment outside the United States.

The employees covered are entitled to the said compensation whether theinjury or disability occurred during working hours or not. Compensation is paid by DBA insurance providers for partial loss of earnings. In addition, injured employees are entitled to medical treatment by the employer.

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