As in the Latin word Auxilium holds the same meaning of help which reflect our goals, we have been developing our knowledge and experience in the insurance, Evacuation and life Support services in the Middle East, MENA Region

Midecal insurance

Medical insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers the cost of an insured individual›s medical and surgical expenses.

Personal Accident Insuranse

Accident insurance is a sensible way for your company to deal with the increasing costs due to many of today’s medical plans.


We protect you from point of injury until repatriation, when a call comes in, a pre-arranged medical chain is turned live for that location.

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Why Jordan?

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a rapidly developing country with an untapped potential. Due to regional instability over the past decade, Jordan has become an attractive home base for businesses in the Levant as well as the entire MENA region, and it will continue to grow and prosper due to its progressive business environment.




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Multiple Services for you

Services We Provide



We protect you from point of injury until repatriation,
when a call comes in, a pre-arranged medical chain
is turned live for that location. We organize and
simplify all air and ground assets, medical care,
VISAs, international travel and diplomatic issues,
whilst always considering employer and family
concerns. Medical evacuations are coordinated from
our Operations Centre. We have access to a myriad
of physical, linguistic, IT and financial resources
enabling us to put the patient’s requirements first.
Our flexibility means we can listen to what the
patient, the company and the family want; we advise
and coordinate.


Political Evacuation

Political instability can flare up quickly and cause
serious physical and commercial danger. To combat
this Auxilium offers a comprehensive global Political
Evacuation product. Clients receiving this service
can operate safely in the knowledge that should
the need arise, Auxilium will ensure that they are
extracted in a timely and efficient manner, with the
utmost regard for personal safety. Once the client
has been extracted to safety, Auxilium will repatriate
the client home. As with Medical Evacuations, all
Political Evacuations are coordinated from our
Operations Centre.


Repatriation of mortal remains

In the unfortunate event of an incident proving fatal,
Auxilium assists the bereaved family with the road or
air repatriation of the mortal remains of beneficiaries
to a funeral home closest to their normal place of
residence.As with all our operations, any such move
will be taken in conjunction with the client; Auxilium
recognize the sensitivities involved in such cases.


Direct Billing Hospitalization

Direct billing is in the heart of Auxilium’s strategy.
Auxilium has set up a dedicated unique way of
working with “medical networks” in the most conflict
regions. We have our person’s on-field and they can
arrange for the admission, guarantee of payment and
following up with hospitals to control the medical
treatment cost, if you are in Iraq, Libya, Yemen or
Syria contact us and we will arrange your stay


Medical Claims Processing

The medical claims process is initiated when a policyholder goes to a healthcare provider for a medical service, which can be anything from obtaining a monthly prescription to major surgery.

After the policyholder receives the service, they are usually financially responsible for a deductible, which is the amount of money that the policyholder agrees to pay before their insurance starts. We at Auxilium will connect the policy holder with hospitals and insurance provider in the most efficient and smooth way to make sure that all parties are satisfied.

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